Why I am running for City Council

Raising my family in North Minneapolis, I have felt deeply the sense of powerlessness and fear when tragedy and violence strike our homes and communities. I also know the power of the Northside when we collectively come together. It has been what has driven me towards a path of fighting for justice on the Northside and in the Twin Cities. For far too long, many of the voices of Ward 4 residents have been excluded from the democratic process. I am running for City Council because I believe that everyone should have a seat at the table, and I am committed to engaging all residents to be part of the solutions that affect our lives.

As a Protect MN Board member, I saw how passionate parents can come together to protect our most valuable resources; children and families. These efforts included being part of a team that in 2014 passed a MN state law that removes firearms from people convicted of domestic violence and stalking. As an organizer at CTUL working with low wage workers, I’ve witnessed the power of an organized community: I am part of a team that to date, has won back over $2 million in stolen wages for workers; increased safety procedures and equipment in more than a dozen fast food restaurants; and a part of the committee that created the Earned Sick and Safe Time ordinance in the city Minneapolis. As a 2014 Wellstone Fellow, I learned that policy works best when it is drawn from real life experiences and allows everyday people to have a voice in the decision making process.

It is these values that drive me to run for City Council. In addition, I am convinced that in a post 2016 Presidential Election, continuing politics as usual will not serve all of us, it will only benefit the elite few. But there is hope in our collective unity. We need bold leadership that reflects the diverse needs of North Minneapolis and a leader that will fight for all of us. We need a City Council member that understands the struggles of everyday people and will deliver on an agenda crafted by all of the voices of the ward. I look forward to the many conversations with the residents of Ward 4, and I would be honored to be your Council Member that will fight for our community, our voice, and our power at City Hall.

Living Wage

- I am committed to a $15 minimum wage for all working people in Minneapolis.
- The City’s priorities shouldn’t be shaped solely by wealthy corporations. Instead workers, unions, and small business owners should be a central voice in deciding the economic future of our city.
- Committing to a living wage for all Minneapolis residents is a critical step to dismantling the egregious racial and economic disparities in our communities.

Violence in the Community

- I will engage and include the community in addressing the root causes of violence in our neighborhoods. We simply cannot continue to criminalize our people as a solution, rather we need to identify barriers that create and perpetuate these issues and provide positive alternatives for intervention.
- We need to partner with and invest in our parks and schools to create safe and healthy activities that grow our sense of community and provide our youth with more opportunities for success.
- Greater investments in public spaces are needed on the Northside. We need safer and cleaner parks, streets, and common areas in North Minneapolis.

Safe and Affordable Housing

- I will work with community members and stakeholders to ensure that every person in the City of Minneapolis has access to safe and affordable housing.
- We need more renters involved in the shaping of housing policies for the Northside.
- The City needs to do a better job at promoting existing programs that encourage and create homeownership for those that actually live in North Minneapolis.

Police Accountability

- I do not believe that our police department should be tasked with unfunded federal mandates.
- I believe that interactions between the police and our community should not only take place during an arrest or a negative incident. I’m committed to community policing that includes a focus on building relationships, trust, and respect with all residents of North Minneapolis.
- We need to recruit and hire police officers from our communities. When officers have roots in the neighborhoods they serve, they are better able to earn the trust and respect of those they are sworn to protect.

Making policy with the people, for the people

Our campaign understands that there are more issues beyond what is listed here that affect each and every individual within our community. We look forward to continued conversations with community members to better understand more of the issues affecting all of Ward 4.

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